10 Helpful tips for Tinnitus relief
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10 Helpful tips for Tinnitus relief

The problem of tinnitus is marked by a persistent ringing sound in the ears. According to most research done under hearing-aid centre conditions, tinnitus results from the firing of the hyper nerve in the auditory system, which results in a perceived sound to the sufferer. Besides, very loud sound or medical problems often lead to Tinnitus.

Although in most cases there is no cure for tinnitus, there are ways one can bring relief. Read on to understand the problem and methods that makes it easier to deal with this problem.

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Mind Control

Doctors dealing with hearing aids in Hyderabad tell us that there is a region in the brain known as limbic system. This system controls emotions and it is here that the seriousness and anxiety of dealing with tinnitus is born. So when people find their tinnitus problem very serious, the experience of the problem becomes terrible, as the brain starts to gather attention upon it. The emotional response to tinnitus can be controlled through psychological techniques such as the cognitive behavioural therapy.

Body Posture

With most people spending hours in front of computer screens, there is a high incidence of slouching that lasts for hours. This has a bad effect on nerves and muscles in the neck region, which will in turn promote tinnitus.

Dental Pressure

Owing to the connection between nerves used for chewing food and those involved with auditory system, habits such as grinding teeth are known to trigger tinnitus. Hence, avoiding hard and over chewy food is a good idea if you are suffering from tinnitus. There are also devices available that help control clenching of teeth.


Anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax are known to have a great effect on a majority of tinnitus patients when Xanax is delivered under placebo conditions. Valerian too holds a promise of tinnitus relief.  Valerian is affective on the neurotransmitter which delivers sound to the brain. This brings relief to tinnitus. This also leads to better sleep in tinnitus patients. 

Sleep Quality

Improved sleep quality will lead to alleviation in tinnitus related anxiety, which will bring down tinnitus itself. Caffeine consumption should be controlled and avoided in the afternoons or evenings and a list of feel good factors of the day should be jotted down before going to bed. 

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can be availed by using machines and hearing aids that generate nature sounds.  So at night when the tinnitus becomes too loud, the soothing sounds can take over your perception and make it easy for you to sleep. A hearing aid clinic can help you find the right kind of sound machine. 

Earwax Build-up

Mostly ears are self-cleaning. In situations when they are not clean, wax build-up should be cleaned by professional practitioners. In some cases it relieves the pressure on the ear drum and helps reduce tinnitus.

There is a lot of information pertaining to tinnitus treatment and relief that floats around. This can be pretty confusing for someone seeking relief from this malady. One of the reasons for this is the lack of knowledge regarding the real causes of tinnitus in the medical world. In such a situation, the finest remedy is to custom build a relief for yourself, based on your own conditions and lifestyle.