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https://kutabalinews.com/usa-non-restricted-online-casino-gx15ns/ In day to day life we experience lot of sounds in environment, such as sounds from TV, Music system, Household appliances and Traffic. Normally these sounds are bearable and they do not cause any harm to our ears. But sounds which are too loud even for a brief time period might cause temporary or permanent … Continue reading “Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)”

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“The good-news stories in medicine are early detection, early intervention.” – Thomas R. Insel A large number of hearing loss/ deafness cases can be reversed or treated. The trick is in recognising the symptoms and choosing the right healthcare partner for your journey towards the world of sound. Symptoms in Adults Profound deafness is easy … Continue reading “Understanding Hearing Loss, Deafness – Early Detection”

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