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Dizziness otherwise known As Vertigo

Dizziness otherwise known As Vertigo

Diziness [ Vertigo ] is a used to describe sensations such as feeling faint, world around is spinning or moving and this sensation is also called as Vertigo.
Dizziness[ Vertigo ] has become the most common problem now-a-days. Feeling dizzy frequently or constant dizziness may affect life of an individual.Treatment of dizziness depends on the cause and your symptoms.
Dizziness[ Vertigo ] can be described in sensations like
⦁ A pseudo sense of movement or rotating
⦁ Feeling Lightheadedness
⦁ Loosing balance or Unsteadiness
⦁ Feeling woozy and floating

These feelings might get heightened or worse while walking or during moving of head. Many times Dizziness is accompanied by nausea and it might recur and every time it might last for few seconds or days.

If you frequently experience the below symptoms then you might need to get concerned about you Dizziness[ Vertigo ]……
⦁ Severe headache
⦁ Ongoing vomiting
⦁ Abrupt change in speech, and vision or hearing                                                          ⦁ Stumble walking
⦁ Fainting
⦁ Chest pain or an improper heart rate
⦁ Numbness fragile
⦁ Breathless
⦁ High fever
⦁ strained neck
⦁ Head injury
⦁ Seizures


Inner ear problems that cause Dizziness (Vertigo)
Diziness can be occurred due to many reasons like inner ear problems or might be due to medication effects. Sometimes there might be many underlying causes also such as infection or injury.
The sense of balance will depend upon inputs from Eyes, Sensory nerves and Inner ear. Vertigo is a pseudo sense that your surroundings are spinning or moving.

If you have inner ear problems the brain will receive confused signals that doesnot match with your eyes and sensory nerves. As a result to sort the confusion vertigo is triggered.

Bening Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). 
In this condition an intense sense of spinning or moving is experienced. These sensations are triggered with rapid changes in head movement such as waking up from bed or sudden turn towards sides etc. BPPV is the most common cause of Vertigo these days.

Meniere’s Disease
In this condition there is excessive fluid build up in inner ear. This condition displays episodes of Vertigo which might last as long as several hours. Fluctuating hearing loss and Ringing sound in ears (Tinnitus) is also observed in this condition. To know more call :9533155155

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