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For Here-Say Matters to Us!

We at Hearing Solutions don’t turn a deaf ear to the plight of those who miss out on the music and sounds of life. We are a comprehensive hearing clinic equipped with the latest facilities including diagnostic equipment, digital hearing aids, hearing accessories and all types of hearing solutions. We spearhead the campaign to alleviate the condition of many people with significant hearing loss with an experienced team of audiologists, otolaryngologists, otologists, and an expert team of technical support staff that provides patients with hearing aid for all purposes. We provide therapies like auditory-verbal therapy, and speech therapy for patients with hearing loss to cope up with the demands of daily life.

Why a Hearing Clinic?

There are a rising number of people with hearing problems related to auditory complaints. Major healthcare industry and the general populace in India are impervious to the need of aggressive management toward containing of hearing loss. Hearing Solutions thinks otherwise and has been providing a new lease of life for those deprived of the sense of hearing. It is common for most people to neglect ear-related problems unless the complaint is a severe pain. Most people are unaware that they are having progressive hearing problems as they are lost in the din of chaotic life. In fact, hearing loss affects a huge percent of the population even as everyone wants to express themselves in high decibels. 63 million people suffering with significant hearing loss with causes like ear wax build up, ear infections, presbycusis, CSOM, otitis media, tympanic membrane perforation, aging and congenital deformities. In such a scenario, there is a need for expert ear healthcare services to take up the cause and provide necessary treatments. There is a shortage of practitioners who can do both hearing assessment and simulated real ear verification along with providing hearing aids that suit the needs of a patient. Hearing Solutions is the forerunner for treating hearing loss and has treated numerous patients successfully. We provide diagnostic tests like pure tone audiometry, bone conduction test, and screening tests for newborns with automated otoacoustic emissions test and automated auditory brainstem response tests. Our treatments include provision of hearing aids, and therapies. Stocked with the latest types of hearing aids, we provide digital hearing aids, hearing accessories and patients can compare hearing aids in a trial period to decide upon the best fit. Hearing loss is a curse of silence and Hearing Solutions is all set to bring in music to these people!