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    Why You Need To Upgrade Your Hearing Aid Today?

    With latest advancements in hearing technology, one can always opt for a better hearing device that fulfills the criteria of comfort and clarity. Generally, hearing aids possess a life span of 3-7 years. However, some shortcomings in terms of sound clarity and resonance can compel one to change or upgrade their hearing device earlier than that. As the technology of hearing aids is evolving rapidly, more and more people are going for the supreme quality of hearing devices.

    While the need for an upgrade differs from person to person, here are the top four reasons for you to go for an upgrade.

    • The need for a better functioning hearing aid: It may happen that you want to improve your overall hearing performance. With time, the performance of the hearing aid can degrade and you might want to look into its cleaning and repair. However, sometimes repairing is not the foolproof solutions and this might necessitate you to upgrade to a better set of hearing aids.
    • The existing hearing aids are not fulfilling all the needs: The kind of hearing aids we use and its perfect suitability is entirely dependent upon the individual’s profession. You may want to upgrade your hearing aids to accommodate your new hearing requirements. Talk to your specialist about your work environment who can then guide you about the perfect set of hearing aids.
    • Change of individual requirements: Hearing difficulties often increase with time and in certain cases they tend to get better too. With these changes in our hearing capacity, we may want to explore better options and upgrade to a hearing aid that better suit our hearing needs. After a fresh hearing assessment, one can opt for new hearing aids.
    • Tending to choose better hearing technology: The fact that one can stream music wirelessly from their iPod to the hearing aids seemed like impossibility even a decade ago. However, rapid advancement of technology has been witnessed in all the sectors. By upgrading to better technology of hearing, one may find more compatible set of hearing aids.
    • Don’t use your earphones in loud environments: It’s tempting to turn up the volume on our music players when we are in noisy areas, but this subjects us to dangerous volume levels. Wait until you are out of these areas before listening to music. You’ll hear better without all that sound anyways!
    • It is also advisable to routinely clean your earphones. Day after day many germs and bacteria get accumulated when we do not clean our earphones and these keep getting inserted in our ears, thus furthering the damage. Follow these tips and you can listen to your music safely and enjoyably wherever you go!

    The decision to upgrade your hearing aid will be determined by two factors:

    Are the existing hearing aids working good enough?

    Is there some advanced feature existing which can prove beneficial for my hearing condition?

    Having your hearing checked annually and discussing any changes with your hearing professional or audiologist can help you determine whether an update is really required. Professionals can guide you about the available hearing aid options and work with you to find the right technology for your hearing and your lifestyle.

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