• International Day of Old Persons
    01 October 2021

    This International Day of Old Persons Demands Digital Equity

    Today, we are “almost” in the post-pandemic era. There was a lot to learn while we are closed in the four walls. Among these learnings, one ‘special’ learning was that the older generation is much cooler than we think. When everyone got bored of scrolling through the Instagram feed and YouTube suggestions, we sat with our grandparents and cherished those old stories afresh. A lot of our stories featured our grandparents’ telling stories. But it also brought an underlying problem to light. 

    They felt the wildest lack of communication, sitting at home. Most of them were inseparable from televisions because they didn’t know what else to do. The videos uploaded on these platforms, which can contribute so much even to the experiences of people who are 60 years old are unknown to them. 

    This International Day of Old Persons is themed ‘Digital Equity for All Ages’ affirming the necessity of access and meaningful participation of old people in digital platforms. With the implementation of this ideology, we will observe the stereotypes about the older generation diminish around us, the ae disparity on social media can be reduced by a huge margin. Above all, they will be able to connect with a global audience, explore private interests, understand their grandchildren, and above all feel included. 

    The first step towards bringing this positive change around us will be to get old persons equipped to overcome unavoidable problems of hearing. Hearing being one of the most common issues with aged people has to be tackled. Hearing Solutions Pvt Ltd (#hearingsolutionsindia) is working on reliable and innovative solutions through hearing aids. We are market pioneers across seven major states in India providing hearing aids with hearing aids fitting and post-sale services. 

    We are happy to see that our promises that include Awareness, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Assurance are now achieving a global platform through initiatives like ‘the international day of old person’. 

    Food for thought and curiosity - By the year 2050, more than 1.5 billion citizens will be 65 years or older and we don’t want to hold them back from being ‘netizens’ of the digital world that has so much to offer. 

    This October, make an early resolution to achieve digital equity and participate with Hearing Solutions by simply visiting us virtually.

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