• Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss

    Why Hearing Loss is common in every one?

    Perhaps hearing loss is one of the most effective disability that a person faces a lot of difficulties in day to day activities. Hearing loss can lead to an emotional breakdown. A person will feel a lot of discomforts while understanding the words and participating in the conversations. A person will feel awkward while expressing the feeling. Getting treated by an  Audiologist and availing of the best Hearing Aids which support you, will be the ultimate solution for the problem. As known every health issue can be prevented before it's too late. 

    Everyone has to know why hearing loss occurs? What are the main reasons for this Hearing Loss? There are several factors that will damage your inner ear. 

    • Aging - Age plays a main role. The inner ear structure degenerates over time and naturally hearing loss occurs. 
    • Loud noise. - A lot of exposure to loud sounds/Noise will damage the cells of the inner ear. Long term exposure to noises like blasts, gunshots, and other noises can become a severe problem. 
    • Heredity - Hearing loss also occurs genetically. If your ancestors are prone to hearing loss then you are more susceptible to ear damage which is natural. 
    • Occupational noises- The environment you spend your maximum time also affects your ears. Loud noises in your working environment like noises in farming, construction or factories, mines or any recreational noises like snowmobiling, motorcycling, carpentry, or listening to loud music can damage the inner tissues of the ear. 
    • Some medications: In some cases, few drugs like antibiotic gentamicin, sildenafil (Viagra) and certain chemotherapy drugs, can damage the inner ear. 

    Major hearing problem i.e continuous ringing sensation in the ear (tinnitus)  is due to the excessive dosage of the drugs like aspirin, other pain relievers, antimalarial drugs, or loop diuretics.

    • Some illnesses: Some diseases like meningitis, Shingles, Ménière's disease or viral infections like measles or mumps may damage the ear tissues/layers of ears. 
    • Accidents- Any sort of major accident to the brain or injury on the facial parts of the body can also lead to temporary hearing loss or sometimes even permanent memory loss. 

    Other major issues that can cause hearing loss are:

    • Stroke
    • Acoustic tumors
    • Obesity
    • Smoking
    • Hypertension
    • Wax buildup
    • Foreign object in the ear canal
    • Otosclerosis (an abnormal bone growth in the middle ear)

    It's never late if you are really facing any sort of hearing problem, discomfort in hearing, dizziness, the flow of blood through ears, Ringing sound in the ears or heavy pain even at the tip of the ear lobe. Reach out to Hearing Solutions clinics, for the best treatment to hearing loss. Hearing Solutions have more than 40 years of experience and had a 96% success rate by treating more than 10lakhs people all across India. It has the presence of the best Audiologist who also provides the best discounts on all hearing aids.

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