• World Osteoporosis Day
    21 October 2021

    World Osteoporosis Day

    The human body has 206 bones. They are essential for the human framework and body. Just because they are hidden from sight doesn't mean that they don’t need care and attention. One can feel pain and strain in the bones due to multiple reasons. However, Osteoporosis remains one of the deadliest reasons. 

    Here is enlightenment on why this happens. On the occasion of World Osteoporosis Day, we won’t just tell you about the chronic bone problem but also help you understand how you can avoid or reduce it.


    What is Osteoporosis?

    By many, Osteoporosis is described as a medical condition that makes your bones fragile and even brittle. However, doctors and experts explain Osteoporosis as a deficiency of calcium and Vitamin D. Apart from these deficiencies, hormonal changes are a major contributing factor of Osteoporosis. 

    Studies show that one in three women and one in five men suffer from Osteoporosis. Females are slightly more prone to this medical condition because Estrogen (a female hormone) deficiency is among the major reasons behind Osteoporosis. 


    What do you need to know?

    Osteoporosis is common among older people. With age, these factors can emerge easily in the body. If not cared for, this deficiency can lead to fractures whose impact can be irreversible and one might have to use medicines in high dosages. An interesting survey showed that people who are underweight or have a smoking habit can fall prey to Osteoporosis. These are the things to keep in mind when you see symptoms. 


    Osteoporosis’s Impact on Hearing:

    Osteoporosis has a greater impact on three tiny bones that are a part of the ear. This damage can cause Hearing Loss. The imbalances and resorption due to Osteoporosis cause Hearing Loss and hence a lot of people need Hearing Aids. 

    World Osteoporosis Day is to tell global citizens that “Osteoporosis can be prevented and treated.” But only if you take early actions. So take this day as an opportunity to share this blog with your community and help people to combat Osteoporosis and potential Hearing Loss.


    How can you do this?

    More than 20% of the population that suffered from Osteoporosis was able to treat it. You can join the 20% too!

    1. Exercise 

    To keep your bones and body physically fit you will have to exercise daily along with your balanced diet. 

    2. Nutrition

    Nutrition will result as the major factor in treating and avoiding Osteoporosis. A well-charted diet will help in ensuring better bone health as well as avoiding Hearing loss. 

    3. Positive Lifestyle

    Staying conscious can help you avoid bad habits. This includes alcohol consumption and smoking. Hear Us - Stay Healthy. 

    4. Risk Factors

    Stay alert about alarming symptoms. If you feel your bones or hearing issues are visible then consult a doctor immediately. You can always contact Hearing Solutions using our contact details or through the Hearzap application for all Hearing-related problems. 

    5.Testing & Treatment

    Detection and treatment go hand in hand. If you are aware of the problem, make sure that you are working to make it better and come out of that danger zone. 

    Hearing Solutions is open 24/7 to treat your problems as ours. Visit our nearest branch and get your Hearing Check-up today. For online appointments download our application partner  Hearzap, available on both Playstore or App Store and. It is simple - informative - and the best digital medium for your Hearing Problems

    Happy Osteoporosis Day & Happy Reading! 

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