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Hearing Aid Types: Different Types andStyles of Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aid Types: All hearing aids don’t work the same way. The functioning depends upon the electronics in the equipment. Among different types of hearing aids, digital hearing aids convert the sound waves into binary codes with information of the sound’s loudness and pitch.
Digital hearing aids can be programmed to amplify and filter specific frequencies.

Hearing Aid Types

The equipment is adjusted by the audiologist as per the specific need of the patient. One should trial use and compare hearing aids before zeroing in on the perfect one. There are different types of hearing aids and varied styles too that you can select from. You should make an informed decision and choose the type and style that is best suited to you. You can choose from analogue hearing aids that amplify electronic signals to digital hearing aids which are more common. Digital devices take into account the sounds around you and convert sound waves into digitalised signals.

The advantages of digital hearing aids are:
  •  Ability To customize the Aid according to the degree of Hearing Loss.
  •  Ability to regulate the settings according to varied surroundings, manually or automatically
  • Designed to reduce any background noise thus making listening to sounds even in loud places easy and comfortable.
  • Providing the user the freedom to move and interact in any environment with confidence, whether it is a noise-free auditorium or a crowded theatre

Hearing Aid TYPES AND Styles

There are different types of hearing aids and they are prescribed by the audiologist as per the cause and level of hearing loss, personal preferences of style, aesthetics, and needs.
•Invisible in the canal
•Completely in the canal
•In the canal
•In the ear
•Receiver in the canal
•Behind the canal
It is important that you choose your preferred hearing aid in a professional environment that specializes in digital diagnostic hearing assessments like evaluation, rehabilitation, digital hearing aid fitting and assistive listening devices.
One such alternative is the three decades old Hearing Solutions that offers Audiological and Speech therapy services to the hearing impaired coupled with hearing devices ranging from a basic body worn aid to the most sophisticated digital hearing aids.Always check for hearing aid’s warranty and your future requirements before making the final purchase.

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