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Hearing Loss Signs and how to prevent damage

  • Reduced hearing sensitivity
  • Difficulty in understanding group/ telephonic conversation
  • Ringing sensation in the ear
  • Speaking over loudspeaker on phone
  • Asking for repetitions
  • Missing sounds during conversations/meetings


  • Aural hygiene
  • Regular check ups
  • Avoid use of cotton swabs to clean ears
  • Avoid excess sound exposure
  • Do not self medicate for fever, headache
  • If pre-diagnosed with Cardiac history, Diabetes Miletus or Nephrological issues are present it is always recommended to have a regular follow up, as they are more prone to hearing loss

If diagnosed as having hearing loss- then regular use of hearing aid

Checklist for Hearing loss in Adults
  • Pain in the ear
  • Itching sensation
  • Difficulty in understanding speech
  • Watching TV at a higher volume when compared to others in family
  • Difficulty in understanding distant speech
  • Difficulty in telephonic conversation, using of loud speaker
  • Exposure to loud noise for more than 4- 5 hours per day
  • Listening to music for more than 5 hours a day continuously at a high volume
  • Asking for repetitions
  • Unable to follow group discussions with background noise
  • Do others report that you talk loudly or ask you to reduce your voice?

Checklist for Children
  • Does your child report pain or an itching sensation in the ear?
  • Does the child ask for repetitions?
  • Does he/she have difficulty in classes / or difficulty in understanding class lectures?
  • Does your child ask for increasing the volume of TV?
  • The child does not respond to sound when called from behind or from a distance
  • The child reports blocking sensation in the ear
  • The Child is unable to follow group discussions