Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed Hearing Loss is a Hearing Loss condition when both the components of Conductive Hearing Loss and Sensorineural Hearing Loss are present. It is caused by the combination of Conductive damage in the outer or the middle ear and Sensorineural damage to the inner ear or the auditory nerve. A person with Mixed Hearing Loss will either suffer from permanent Hearing Loss or the temporary hearing loss. Mixed Hearing Loss can affect either one ear or both ears. If you find out any listening problems visit an Audiologist for further assistance.

  • Causes of Mixed Hearing Loss

    Generally, Mixed Hearing Loss occurs when there is a sudden trauma or sudden damage to the ears or auditory nerve directly.

    Mixed Hearing Loss
      • Traumatic injuries in accidents that damage the inner ear or the auditory nerve.
      • An excessive dosage of the Ototoxic drugs
      • Virus or disease
      • Fluid in your middle ear due to colds or allergies.
      • Ear infections
      • Allergies
      • Abnormality of the outer ear, ear canal, or middle ear structure
      • Any foreign object inside the ear
  • Symptoms of Mixed Hearing Loss

    Hearing Aid Test
      • Loss of clarity while listening to sounds
      • Inability to hear at a normal hearing level
      • A consistent ringing or buzzing in the ears
      • Partial or full loss of hearing
      • A sensation of pressure in one or both ears
      • Difficulty in following up the conversations
  • Treatment of Mixed Hearing Loss

    Treatment of Mixed Hearing Loss depends on the level of hearing loss. Most common type of treatment for Mixed Hearing Loss is to get advanced Digital Hearing Aids.

    Hearing Aid Test for Hearing Loss
      • Hearing Aids are considered to be the easiest and most relevant option to deal with Hearing Loss issues. Latest technology in Hearing Aids helps a Hearing Loss individual to make life easier by connecting it in a most advanced way. Invisible Hearing Aids with Bluetooth technology or Hearing Aids with rechargeable technology will help in emphasizing life better and easier.
      • Surgical procedures and Medical treatments are sometimes recommended when there are outer or middle ear infections.
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