Sensorial Hearing Loss

Are you facing any problem with hearing? Suffering from extensive pain in your ears or a sort of continuous ringing sensation?

This could be Sensorial Hearing Loss. Sensorineural Hearing Loss can lead to a Permanent Hearing loss condition.

  • What is Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

    A problem either in the Inner Ear or the Auditory nerve that gives the brain sound is called Sensorineural Hearing Loss. It is a condition when a Hearing organ i.e either the Cochlea and/or the Auditory nerve is damaged which will not be able to send the Sound transmissions into the brain. It is most common in the age group of 60 - 75 years.

  • Causes of Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

    Hearing Loss Types

      Sensorineural Hearing Loss is mostly permanent. Major causes of this type of Hearing Loss could be

      • Normal ageing is commonly known as presbycusis
      • Genetic Syndrome
      • Extreme exposure to loud noises over a period of time
      • Auto Immune Diseases
      • Traumatic injuries in accidents that damage the inner ear or the Auditory nerve
      • Acoustic Neuroma i.e cancerous growth in the auditory nerve
      • Meniere's disease
      • An excessive dosage of the Ototoxic drugs
      • Virus or disease.
  • Symptoms of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

      • Loss of clarity while listening to sounds
      • Difficulty in following up the Conversations
      • A Consistent Ringing or Buzzing in the Ears
      • Problems in listening when background noises are present
      • Difficulty in Hearing the low pitched sounds
      • Noises may seem too loud or too quiet.
  • Treatment of Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    In Sensorineural Hearing Loss, there is no direct medical or surgical method to treat the hearing loss condition. But Sensorineural Hearing Loss can be treated with Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants.

    Hearing Aids assists well and make life better as a Hearing Aid will provide a complete solution to the level of hearing loss problem. A hearing aid can be connected to phones, tv’s watches and many more which will make life better. The tiniest Invisible Hearing Aid will make you feel so lighter than you won’t feel like wearing a hearing aid at all. A Digital Hearing Aid is absolutely the best choice for the people who have severe-to-profound hearing loss

    If Sensorineural Hearing Loss symptoms are neglected, it can damage the ear even further. Before it affects more try a Free Hearing Aid Trial at all our Hearing Solutions Branches at your nearest. To Book an Appointment call us at 95331 55155.

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