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Its all connected: Mind your overall well-being for good hearing.

We often feel that our hearing health is independent of other health problems. It might come as a surprise that our hearing wellness is heavily determined by numerous health factors. Timely checkup at frequent intervals is the only way to keep yourself bereft of serious medical issues. Moreover hearing problems are something that begin in a small, non-serious way but the condition aggravates with time. Here are 5 problem areas to keep an eye out for when you have hearing loss.
• Diabetes: Individuals suffering from Type 1 and 2 diabetes are susceptible to hearing loss. As we know in diabetes the body fails to breakdown the sugar which leads to high blood sugar level. This pressure often damages the nerves and blood vessels within the body, sometimes inside the ears too. Hence a diabetic patient can be prone to hearing problems and should definitely get checked.
• Cardiovascular health: The inner ear consists of tiny cells known as hair cells. They function to convert the sound into electrical signals which are then transmitted to the brain for interpretation. In the event of any cardiovascular disorder, the heart is unable to pump enough blood to these hair cells. Thus overtime our hearing ability worsens because we tend to lose our hair cells.
• Kidney ailments: Often kidney disorders also affect the hearing ability of an individual. This is because the body is unable to flush out the toxins out of the system properly. According to various researches, it has been concluded that such residual toxins can damage the delicate nerves within the inner ear thereby causing hearing problems. All these instances make it evident that not treating one condition can pave the way for other ailments.
• Oral health: As mentioned before, cardiovascular disorders increase the risk of hearing problems. Further there is also a direct connection between cardiovascular disease and oral health. Periodontal disease (oral health) can lead to heart problems due to the release of toxins in our bloodstream.
• Thyroid health: Graves’ disease is something that is caused by an overactive thyroid gland. This disease has also been linked to our hearing capacity and it can determine the extent of hearing damage experienced by an individual.
In this article we tried to educate our readers about the various health conditions which can be an indicator of their worsening hearing capacity. The key fact here is to stay updated about your health concerns and avail the treatment before it worsens with time. Ensure that you take all the steps and avail the care of our hearing experts while there is still time.
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