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Speech & Language development early ages: (0-2years)


Speech & Language development early ages: (0-2years)

As with other development and milestones, the age at which children learn language and start speaking differs. Many babies happily babble “mama” and “tata” soon early of their first birthday, and most toddlers can talk around 20 words by the time they’re 1.5 years. But what if a 2-year-old isn’t certainly communicating so far or only puts two words together?.Knowing what’s “age appropriate” and what’s not in speech and language development can help parents to identify if there’s cause for concern or if their child is right on schedule.

How Are Speech and Language Different?
Speech is the verbal expression of language and includes pronunciation, voicing, fluency.Language is the entire system of rules and forming words/sentences etc in a meaningful way using speech sounds. Its understanding and expressing through communication — verbal, nonverbal, and written.

What Are Speech or Language Delays?
Speech and language problems differ, but often overlap. For example:A child with a language delay might articulate sounds well but will have a limited vocabulary comparatively with their peer group.A child with a speech delay will have skills to formulate sentences or phrases to express ideas but pronunciation, voicing, fluency will not be age appropriate/affected.

When Do Kids Develop Speech and Language Skills?
Milestones of speech and language development are the same for all children, but the age at which child develops them can vary.

Developmental milestones according to ages from 0-2 years:
Before 12 Months

• Recognizes name.
• Uses vocalizations instead of crying to express want
• Attends to new words.
• Imitates familiar words.
• Performs a routine activity upon verbal request (no visual cues)
• Looks at appropriate place when asked “where is the ball?”
• Says 2-3 words besides “mama” and “dada”.
• Laughs at humour
• Vocalizes to music
• Participates in speech routine activities.
• Understands simple instructions.
• Recognizes words as symbols for objects: Car – points to garage, cat – meows.

By 12 to 24 Months

• Understands “no”.
• Uses 20 to 40 words, including names.
• Uses new words regularly.
• Refers to self by name.
• Combines two words such as “dad bye-bye”.
• Waves good-bye and plays pat-a-cake.
• Makes the “sounds” of familiar animals.
• Uses words such as “need more” to make wants known.
• Brings object from another room when asked.

The above statements that you think best corresponds to your child’s functioning in everyday situations and he/she capable of doing or achieved, child’s speech & language development is age appropriate. If the statement is not relevant because of the child’s age please feel free to contact us or click www.aumclinic.com