Fluency Disorder- Stuttering & Cluttering

Stuttering causes separation in the flow of the conversation or the speech. It is a Speech disorder which will disrupt the words and sounds. It causes involuntary repetition or prolongation of sounds. Stuttering is an audible occurrence which is not readily controlled

Cluttering is a speech and language disorder which affects the ability of communication with a very fast rate of speech. It results in rapid, unorganized and often unintelligible speech. Cluttering makes the person talk very fast and creates a jerky in speech

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Stuttering and Cluttering are Fluency Disorders affect emotions negatively. Emotions like Fear, embarrassment, irritation, strict speaking will initiate such fluency problems in people.

Stuttering and Cluttering can be treated clinically by providing speech therapy to the patient. A speech therapist will train and manipulate the speech which helps in recreating the word building in the brain. Special training for muscle control, muscle relaxation, relaxation drills, organizational language treatments, memory strategies and rate control techniques. All these techniques will help in treating Fluency Disorder.

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