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Stuck in a hearing aid dilemma? Here’s a must read guide to help you decide

What is Mild Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is characterized by two kinds of effect on the individual. While for some it means that the speech sounds are not loud enough, for others it means that the speech sounds are not clear enough. People with mild hearing loss often fail to hear the entire conversation clearly. Mild hearing loss is defined as the loss of sound recognition i.e. 26 to 45 decibels as measured on the hearing assessment tool called an audiogram. In most cases, this is how age-related hearing loss occurs.

So the question is- should one be worried about the onset of mild hearing loss? The answer is yes. It is a problem that begins slowly and then escalates in the future. Do not ignore the problem to the extent that it makes your life burdensome. For individuals with mild hearing loss, the most difficult sounds of speech are usually the consonants like “f”, “th”, “k” and “p”. Sentences carrying such speech sounds become unclear to them. Although they can hear it, they get it wrong. For example, the word “death” may sound like “deaf.”

This implies that it is difficult to distinguish between words and one might confuse them with some other word.

How it can affect your life?

Be it in social gatherings or restaurants, mild hearing loss can become an obstacle for you to have meaningful conversations with your friends and family. In the absence of voice clarity to the ears, the other senses are also affected and communication is often misinterpreted. Be it school, home or work; mild hearing loss can affect your relationships everywhere. Thus it is advisable to get tested in case you ever face any of kind of challenge while conversing with people and hearing them.

The usual symptoms in such people would be that speech sounds will come across as soft or muffled.This has a detrimental effect on the individual. In noisy environments, the hearing problem will tend to get worse and affect you personally. Soft consonants are particularly difficult to hear, which is a frustration as the sound may be heard yet it remains unclear for the listener. This can drastically affect one’s ability to follow conversations. 

In short, mild hearing loss can become a major reason for you to avoid meeting people and this process of self-isolation is not healthy for the individual.

Help with Hearing Aids

The advancement of hearing technology has brought profitable results for many patients worldwide. The hearing aids have also evolved over time in terms of look, feel and wearing comfort. It can be custom-tailored according to the needs of the patient and depending upon his or her degree of hearing loss. There are more choices for people with mild hearing loss in terms of hearing aids than those whose hearing power has degraded to extreme levels.

One can opt for smaller hearing aids as the need for sound output will be not be that high. Such devices will also require less frequent changes of the battery in comparison to the more powerful devices which assist those with complete hearing loss. Often people ignore the problem till it becomes unmanageable and complicated. By opting for hearing aids at an early stage, one can find more success with the hearing aids and ensure that their quality of life is not affected in any manner.