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Our mental happiness and physical well-being is intrinsically connected with hearing health. Thus it is important to create sufficient awareness about hearing problems and beware of signs that precede hearing impairment. This ensures that individuals will seek professional help at the right time and get treated through proper diagnosis. However it is not wise to wait for things to get worse.
Prevention is always better than cure and here we are with some basic tips on how to protect your hearing from getting damaged.

Follow the 60/60 rule: Audiologists recommend the 60/60 rule for safe hearing. Basically this advises individuals to listen to music at a volume not more than 60% and for not more than 60 minutes in a day. Millennials spend most of their day glued to their earphones and this is something that they need to check.

Bar loud noises using ear plugs:Ear plugs can also be a convenient option for noisy workplaces. Millions of people acquire noise-induced hearing loss due to their noisy work environment and loud lifestyle. Whenever you attend some music concert, gig or sporting events; move away from loud sources of sound like the beat box and loudspeakers.

Limit the usage of electronic devices:The market is now replete with smart noise-cancelling earphones and headphones which cushion your ears against too much noise. They function by not just turning down the volume but also eliminating the external source of noise. It is also recommended to take a break of 5-10 minutes after listening via earphones for one straight hour.

Create a peaceful sleeping environment: A good sound sleep can cure your ears and heal them overnight. By giving your ears some time to recover, you can minimize the damage inflicted by noisy surroundings.

Do not rely on cotton swabs too much: Human ears are self-cleansing organs and a little bit of wax is necessary to keep the dust particles away. Often cotton swabs pose a risk to your ear canal and inner ear. Poking your ear too much with it is not really a wise idea.

Maintain proper ear hygiene: Moist ears can lead to ear infections. Accumulated moisture can break down the skin on the walls of our ear canal and if not taken proper care, the consequences can be dangerous for the individual’s health. Hence one should stick to hygienic and healthy habits and keep their ears clean and dry.

Fight stress and anxiety:Both stress and anxiety have been linked to temporary and permanent tinnitus. Stress can lead to high blood pressure which in turn can put a pressure on the nerve cells and this often causes ear pain.

Sometimes with old age, onset of hearing problems become inevitable. However many kinds of hearing problem occur due to a noisy environment and unwise lifestyle. Hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise is absolutely avoidable. Hence we must abide by the above-mentioned precautionary measures to keep our hearing health at its best. Apart from improving your physical and mental condition, by treating hearing loss one can prevent the medical issues like depression, dementia and heart disease.