Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids are evolved to make a better life expectancy. They use Digital Signal Processor which reads the sounds waves to amplify the sounds and transmit the sound to the ear for better understanding of the speech or the sound. Digital Hearing Aids adjust the sounds and personalize it according to the Hearing Loss condition. Digital Hearing Aids use microchip technology to customise the sound amplification and are smart enough to interact with other devices with Bluetooth Technology.

Digital Hearing Aids

How Digital Hearing Aids work?

A Hearing Aid consists of a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver and a Hearing Aid Battery. The Sound waves will get absorbed by the Microphone and pass to the amplifier to amplify the sound waves. The amplified sound waves will reach the ears though the receiver.

The Amplifier acts as a computerised brain. When the amplifier receives the sound waves, it smartly fine nuances and enhances the quality of the sound and sends to the receiver to hear and enjoy the sounds.

Features of Digital Hearing Aids

Digital Hearing Aids comes with extra benefits. A Digital Hearing Aid is basically a small computer which is smart enough to act according to the individual hearing needs. Advance Features in Digital Hearing Aids include:

  • Feedback Cancellation: Hearing aid users often have a complaint with the whistling sound of hearing aids which is called Feedback Sound. Analogue Hearing Aids can not remove this feedback sound whereas Digital hearing Aid removes the feedback and makes amplified sound much better.
  • Directional Microphone: Digital Hearing aids come with Directional microphone which has the ability to identify the sound source direction and it can help in the better enhancement of sound. They have the ability to read the environment around automatically.
  • Music Programs: Some of the Advance hearing Aids also have a feature of detecting music and speech. They also find the differences between the speech and the Music and amplifies it accordingly.
  • Noise Management: Noise Management is exclusively seen in Digital Hearing Aids. which will eliminate the noises and amplifies only the speech sounds.
  • Connectivity: Digital Hearing Aids comes with advanced connectivity and wireless feature. Bluetooth connectivity is a feature which will help in connecting with other Electronic Devices like TV, Music Systems and Personal Microphones etc directly with Hearing Aids.

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