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The effectiveness of a hearing aid and our decision to buy one is based on features and technologies it can accommodate, tolerance to different environmental conditions, price, and the last and most important one, how efficiently can it help you hear better. With a brand like Rexton, we can assure that all these prerequisites are taken care of.

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Rexton hearing aids come with many exciting and rugged features like noise cancellation, motion sensor, voice ranger, etc. Be it any hearing situation, you can always rely on Rexton as it comes with motion core technology which makes your hearing more natural. They are tested to withstand any environmental conditions which makes them the more reliable option. Enjoy seamless hearing with Rexton as they come with technologies like Bluetooth and rechargeability.


Motion Core Technology

Rexton features motion core technology to automatically recognize and adapt to more hearing situations than ever to ensure clear hearing all the time. M-Core hearing aids are durable, practical and easy to use.

rexton m-core b-li m hearing aid

Rexton M-Core B-Li M

Type : BTE(Behind the Ear)
Versatile, Rechargeable and Efficient
rexton m-core SR Hearing Aid (2)

Rexton M-Core SR

Type : RIC(Receiver in the Canal)
Award Winning Design-Now with exchangeable receivers
rexton m-core ix hearing aid

Rexton M-Core IX

Type : IIC(Invisible in Canal)
Instant Fit with hidden power of motion core

Trucore Technology

Truly convincing technology

rexton trucore ix

Rexton Trucore Inox

Type : Available as CIC and ITC
Discrete and convenient
rexton sterling itc 3

Rexton Trucore Sterling ITC

Type : Type : ITC
Modern and Comfortable

Rexton Emerald XS

Type: Receiver in the Canal
Compact and intelligent

Mycore Technology

A perfect combination of natural sound and direct streaming.

Rexton Mycore Inox

Type : Invisible
Discreet and ready to fit

Rexton Mycore Sterling CIC

Type : Available as CIC and ITC
Discrete and convenient

Rexton Mycore Emerald S

Type : Receiver in Canal
Compact and Efficient

Rexton Hearing Aid Pricelist

Rexton BTE Hearing Aid PricesStarting from 9400/-
Rexton CIC Hearing Aid PricesStarting from 16,400/-
Rexton RIC Hearing Aid PricesStarting from 35,400

Introducing Rexton: The All-in-One

Water Resistant

Forgot to remove your hearing aid while taking a shower? Forgot to carry an umbrella on a rainy day? Accidentally dropped your hearing aid in water? Don’t worry. Rexton is tested to pass moisture tests and you can happily use your hearing aids even after going through this situation.

water resistant hearing aid
For any hearing solutions

Rexton: For your any Hearing Situation

No matter what activity you’re taking part in, be it exercising outside. Whether you are taking a jog on the sidewalk or having a hearty group conversation. Whatever the situation may be, hearing each moment is important.  

Love your own voice :

In a survey conducted on 400 hearing aid users in 2017, only 41 % of them are satisfied with the sound of their own voice. When asked in a survey in 2010, it was found that only 58% of them replied “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the sound of their own voice. My Voice feature in Rexton hearing aids, enables users to hear their own voice more naturally, thus helping them communicate better and stay active.

Have effortless conversations :

Communicating with people, that too in noisy places requires a lot of attention and concentration. Voice ranger technology in Rexton makes these conversations effortless by reducing unwanted noise thus providing a better listening experience.

Bluetooth Connectivity and streaming :

With Bluetooth technology in rexton your hearing aids are optimally connected with TV, headphones, and mobile thus helping you stream movies and music, answer calls etc..

app connectivity

App Connectivity :

Rexton App helps you

  • check your battery and Bluetooth connection status
  • Adjust the volume of your hearing aids for both the left and right ears
  • Using the directionality settings, you can choose to focus on hearing sounds from right, left, front, and back.

Stay connected to life with Rexton rechargeable Hearing Aids :

No more worrying about changing batteries as Rexton hearing aids come with rechargeable technology.

rexton hearing aids

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Rexton Hearing Aid Accessories

Untitled design (6) (1)

Smart Mic

Untitled design (7) (1)

Smart Transmitter

Untitled design (9) (1)

Smart Key

Untitled design (10)

Slim RIC Travel Charger

Untitled design (12)

Fast Smart Li-ion Power

Untitled design (20) (1)

Charging Station B-P

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually,hearing aids lasts for 3-7 years.Having said that,lifetime of a hearing aid depends on maintenance,usage and several other factors.

Rexton is our exclusive hearing aid partner. You can get your rexton hearing aids serviced by visiting any of our hearing clinics.

There are many accessories available for Rexton hearing aids like a smart mic, smart transmitter, smart key, and travel charger.

Based on your specific hearing issue, hearing care professionals suggest the best hearing aid that suits your needs, lifestyle, and budget. And it’s always a good thing to consider factors such as battery life, size, comfort, and features such as Bluetooth connectivity and noise reduction.

It's always recommended to get your hearing checked before purchasing a hearing aid as a hearing test can diagnose your level of hearing loss. Determining the level of hearing loss helps in choosing the right hearing aid for you.

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