Rexton Hearing Aid Accessories

rexton hearing aid accessories

Rexton offers a multitude of hearing aid accessories that can significantly enhance your hearing experience and improve your quality of life. However, in this blog post, we will focus on the most essential accessories that can make wearing hearing aids more comfortable and convenient for you.

Rexton Smart Mic:

Smart Mic acts as a headset that allows you to stream sounds directly to your hearing aids from your mobile device, thus allowing you to make hands-free phone calls and listen to music. It also acts as a microphone so that you can listen to the voice of the speaker in challenging hearing environments. Just clip the smart mic on the speaker’s shirt so that you can even hear sounds that are out of the range of hearing aids. The color of the status indicator indicates the mode of the smart mic. While the blue color indicates that the mic is in Bluetooth mode, magenta indicates that the mic is in microphone mode.

Note: When using the smart mic in conference mode, always ensure that your smart mic is worn vertically so that you maintain the directionality of the microphone.

Rexton Smart Transmitter:

Using the Rexton Smart Transmitter, you can directly stream sounds from TV and other stereo systems to your hearing aids. It can be paired with multiple hearing aids at the same time.

How to Connect a Rexton Smart Transmitter to Your Hearing Aids

  1. Connect the smart transmitter to a power supply.
  2. Then connect the transmitter and audio streaming device.
  3. Switch off your hearing aids and turn them on to enable pairing mode.
  4. Place the hearing aids on the transmitter until the pairing is successful.
  5. The LEDs on the transmitter will turn blue, which indicates that they are pairing.
  6. Insert those hearing aids into your ears.

You can ensure the pairing of your hearing aids with the streaming device by using the Rexton app. The streaming icon in the app will show the paired device for your hearing aids. This app also enables you to adjust the volume of the pairing device.

 Rexton Smart Key:

It is a small and handy hearing aid accessory that can be used to adjust the volume and programs of your hearing aids with a simple press of a button. While “+” and “-” are used to adjust volume, the “P” button is used to change the program of the hearing aids.

 You can enable the lock mode on the key to prevent the changing of volume and programs when the buttons are pressed unintentionally. This accessory is useful to users who can’t adjust their hearing aids manually.

Rexton Slim RIC Travel Charger:

This compact and sleek wireless charging system is featured with Li-ion technology and provides up to 4 days of hearing on the go. It is a perfect choice for people who frequently travel, as it can be conveniently accommodated.

30 minutes of charging provides you with 5 hours of wear time, while it takes 3 hours to completely charge the hearing systems. This charger is compatible with M-Core SR.

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