5 Reasons to choose Rexton Hearing Aids

rexton hearing aids

 Hearing loss is a common problem most individuals face, which affects their lives professionally, personally, and socially. Currently, 1.5 billion people are living with hearing loss. Despite such prevalence, only 17% of people who could benefit from their usage are actually using it. Hearing aids help people hear better, improving their quality of life. There are many hearing aid brands, and Rexton is one of them. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should choose Rexton hearing aids.

Advanced Technology:

Rexton hearing aids are equipped with the latest technology, which helps reduce background noise. This helps you understand the speech better while having conversations in challenging environments like restaurants, social gatherings, etc.

Wide range of models

There are many Rexton hearing models, each with its own unique features, like behind the ear (BTE), Completely in the Canal(CIC), Invisible in the Canal(IIC), and Receiver in the Canal(RIC). With a wide variety of options, you can choose the best hearing aid based on your lifestyle and hearing needs.

 Bluetooth and Rechargeable Technologies:

With Bluetooth technology in Rexton hearing aids, you can connect your smartphones and TV to your hearing aids wirelessly.

No more worrying about changing batteries. Rexton hearing aids come with rechargeable technology, thus allowing uninterrupted hearing.

 Rexton hearing aids are durable:

You can always rely on Rexton for any of your hearing situations. Rexton hearing aids are tested extensively for their durability. They are waterproof,drop-proof, and UV-resistant. They are subjected to vibration tests, which ensure steady sound performance irrespective of user activity. Their hearing aid buttons are tested to handle on/off of constant everyday use.

 Rexton App : 

Rexton comes with a smartphone app called “Rexton App”. Using this app, users can directly control their hearing aids, which includes adjusting volume, muting their hearing aids, and changing listening environments. It tracks the user’s sound exposure level throughout the day. This app allows users to receive remote adjustments from their hearing care professional, which means users can adjust their hearing aids without having to visit the hearing care expert in person. You can automatically adjust your hearing aids based on your listening environment using the app.

Rexton hearing aids provide users with a much clearer and improved hearing experience. With advanced technologies, a wide range of models, superior features, and many other compelling reasons, Rexton hearing aids can be a preferred choice. Choosing Rexton hearing aids can significantly improve one’s hearing, thereby enabling one to engage with and hear the world around them. Having said that, it is always advised to consult an audiologist before choosing a hearing aid.


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