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Hearing aids

are high-end communication devices designed to assist people with hearing loss issues. With advancements in the technology,

digital hearing aids

gained prominence for their invisible nature and flexibility. To serve your needs, Hearing Solutions offers top class hearing aids from major manufacturers.

Hearing Aids Categories

What is a Hearing Aid? A hearing aid is a wearable electronic device that amplifies sound and assists a person with hearing loss to hear well. A hearing aid basically has a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. It helps a person with hearing loss to improve hearing and make social interactions easier. Would all hearing aids function the same way? All hearing aids don’t work the same way. The functioning depends upon the electronics in the equipment. Among different types of hearing aids, digital hearing aids convert the sound waves into binary codes with information of the sound’s loudness and pitch. Digital hearing aids can be programmed to amplify and filter specific frequencies. The equipment is adjusted by the audiologist as per the specific need of the patient. One should trial use and compare hearing aids before zeroing in on the perfect one. Types of Hearing Aids: There are different types of hearing aids and they are prescribed by the audiologist as per the cause and level of hearing loss, personal preferences of style, aesthetics, and needs. •Invisible in the canal •Completely in the canal •In the canal •In the ear •Receiver in the canal •Behind the canal How to choose a hearing aid? Choosing a digital hearing aid can be a tough task, but here are a few tips that can help you out. •Consider the options available as per the doctor’s recommendation. •The features you choose in a hearing aid should be able to assist you in your daily activities. •Compare hearing aids and then decide. •Understand the hearing aid before you go for it. Make a trial use of the hearing aid and see if it works for you. •Make a note of all the features available and choose features that you need most. •Know about the maintenance of the hearing aid. •Price alone should never be a deciding factor since hearing aids are high technology products and they are made to make your life easy. •With numerous features like feedback cancellation, wireless connectivity, and directional features, it is best to review all of them and then decide. •Get a demonstration of the hearing aids before you purchase one. Hearing Solutions provides digital hearing aids of the best make. You can use our trial period to compare hearing aids and choose the best fit for you. Hearing Solutions is a comprehensive hearing clinic with state of the art infrastructure and the latest hearing aids in the market. Known for our trustworthiness and integrity, we offer long lasting hearing aids that work for your daily activities and cater to your future needs.