Completely in canal (CIC)

Completely In the Canal Hearing Aids fit inside the ear and out of our sight. A CIC Hearing Aid is moulded to fit inside the ear canal that improves the hearing by amplifying the sounds. CIC Hearing Aids are custom made, fits deep inside the canal and are almost invisible. It is a small and least visible type of Hearing Aid.

  • Custom made
  • Fits deep inside the canal
  • Pick less wind noise.
  • Very discreet
  • 90% invisible
  • For mild to moderately severe hearing loss
completely in the canal hearing aids

CIC Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing Aid Price varies based on the model, features, and technologies it can accommodate. Usually, CIC Hearing Aid Prices range from 16,400 /- to 2,89,900 /-

CIC Hearing Aid Models

Philips Hearlink 2000 CIC Hearing Aid

Rexton Trucore Sterling CIC 20 Hearing Aid

Rexton M-Core IX CIC Hearing Aid

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