Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries are Zinc-air, button-shaped disposable batteries. They are air-activated and factory-sealed which remain inactive until removed. Once the sticker on the battery is removed the oxygen will interact with the zinc and it will turn on. As long as the Battery is in contact with the oxygen, it will be in the active state until the power is drained.

Hearing aid batteries
Hearing aid batteries

Hearing Aid batteries are highly efficient in nature. They can be stored for a longer period of time when not in use. Traditionally Hearing Aid Batteries were produced using traces of mercury to assist with conductivity and stabilizing the internal components, but mercury is no longer used in hearing aid batteries while Zinc-Air Batteries are more efficient and Cost Friendly.

Sizes of Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aids Batteries come in many different sizes and styles. Larger Hearing Aids require a larger battery. People with severe or profound hearing loss will require more power and larger batteries

Basically there are five sizes of Hearing Aid Batteries 5, 10, 312, 13 and 675. These Hearing Aid batteries are smaller than the diameter of a dime. For Instance. Size 10 – 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high while Size 312 – 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high. Size 13 – 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high and Size 675 – 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high. Size 5 hearing aid batteries are used rarely as they are less powered.

Colour-coding for Disposable Hearing Aid Batteries

As sizes differ in the Hearing Aids, it is difficult to remember. For Easy identification, Hearing Aid Batteries comes with different types of stickers on it.

  • Size 10 batteries – yellow
  • Size 312 batteries – brown
  • Size 13 batteries – orange
  • Size 675 batteries – blue

Battery Life for Hearing Aid Batteries

Non-rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries come with an expiry date. Generally, a Hearing Aid Battery has a battery life of five to 14 days. Battery life depends on their needs. Typically smaller batteries have shorter battery life than larger ones.

The average lifespan of Hearing Aid Batteries is as follows:

  • Size 10 – three to seven days
  • Size 312 – three to 10 days
  • Size 13 – six to 14 days
  • Size 675 – nine to 20 days

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